Meet the Whangarei Team

Whangarei is our northern most branch and is run by James, one of our most experienced competitors.

Portrait of James Cherrie

James Cherrie


One of the original members of the New Zealand team, James moved to Okinawa, Japan, in 2006. For eight years James ran the Okinawan branch of myBJJ. During his time in Japan, James taught Jiu-Jitsu to all of the branches of the US military, as well as Japanese locals.

In 2014, James returned to New Zealand where he now coaches our Whangarei branch. James is an active international competitor, and has won tournaments in New Zealand, Australia, and Japan.

James received his Black Belt from Professor Yokoyama in November, 2016.

Portrait of Brennan Matheson

Brennan Matheson

Assistant Coach

Brennan has been training BJJ since 2013.

He is an active competitor on the New Zealand scene with a submission orientated style.

Brennan was awarded his blue belt in 2015.

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