myBJJ Classes

All myBJJ schools around the world offer the same standardised programmes to promote consistency and standards. That means if you ever visit another myBJJ school you can be confident that your skills and experience will be on par with others of the same rank. While there may be some variation at your local school, all adhere to the format prescribed by Professor Mario Yokoyama.

Remember, your first visit is free and without obligation.

Kids & Youth Classes

Students in these classes learn a variety of fundamental techniques drawn directly from the adults' syllabus. These are intermixed with games and challenges to keep classes fun and engaging. Students progress through a series of belts and tabs reflecting their age.

What's on offer varies from branch to branch so you'll need to check your local branch's timetable or talk to the contact for your region for more information.

Fundamentals Classes

This programme forms the foundation for all myBJJ adult students. The fundamentals taught include 100 of Jiu-Jitsu's most effective techniques taught over a 36 week course. The skills and knowledge learned here will count towards your first coloured belt–the Blue Belt.

The emphasis at this level is on self-defence.

Intermediate Classes

This classes are intended for students with at least six months training, but particlarly senior white belts and blue belts. Rather than teaching new techniques, these classes instead focus on the application and practice of skills already learned in the Fundamentals programme. This is achieved through a series of challenges and drills. Rolling is also an integral part of these classes. The pace of these classes tends to be constant from start to finish and it is assumed that students already know the techniques.

Here the emphasis is on sport rather than self-defence.

Advanced Classes

These classes follow a similar format to the Intermediate Classes but tend to be more exploratory in nature. A series of challenges and drills following the same theme are included to test the ideas in a more competitive scenario. Often, a new technique will be introduced for dissection and experimention.

The emphasis in these classes is on advanced concepts and techniques and reflects the direction of your instructor's own self-exploration.

Open Mat

These are informal sessions where the mat is opened for general rolling and practice. No formal teaching is done but it is a good opportunity to ask a senior student for ideas with problem solving if there's something you're having trouble with. These sessions are tend to be quite social and the emphasis is on safe, technical rolling.

If you're fairly new to Jiu-Jitsu you'll need to check with your Coach or Instructor before attending these sessions.

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