Getting Started

Getting started in a myBJJ club couldn't be easier. We're a friendly, helpful team that welcomes everyone to our training centre. Most people interested in starting Jiu-Jitsu simply come down and join in on a class. Alternatively, call your region's contact from the list below.

We offer a range of classes to cover most needs. Our students range in age from four through to Masters in their 50s. We also have a dedicated team of women training with us who regularly get together for womens-only sessions. We believe Jiu-Jitsu is for everyone, not just athletes!

Remember, your first visit is free and without obligation.

Adults (ages 16+)

Start with one of our Fundamentals classes. These are offered four nights a week at 6.15pm and are 60 minutes long. No minimum fitness level is required; just follow along as best you can and within a few sessions you'll be familiar how they are structured.

Children (ages 4-11)

Children's classes are divided into two age groups: Mini Champs (ages 4-7) and Little Champs (ages 8 to 11). This helps keep the classes smaller and promotes safety on the mat since the children will be of similar size and ability. If your children fall within the boundary of the age groups (i.e. 7-8) you can talk with one of the instructors to see which class would be their best starting point.

The content of the classes is tailored to each age group i.e. the class for small children focusses a lot on fundamental movements, while students in the older class begin to explore concepts and selected techniques from the adult syllabus.

Most kids are happy to jump on the mat and give it ago on their first visit; others prefer to watch a class first to see what it is like.

Youth (ages 12-15)

For older children and teenagers, we offer a dedicated youth class. These classes follow the same syllabus as the adult Fundamentals class but the techniques are often modified to make them more suitable for the abilities of the age group.

Private Tuition

From time-to-time we get students who would like private sessions with one of our instructors. This includes both one-on-one and small groups. This is available on request and can be negotiated by talking to one of our instructors.

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