Meet the Dunedin Team

Dunedin has a well-established teaching team. In addition to the instructors and coaches below, we also have a number of assistant coaches who help with the delivery of instruction at our classes.

Portrait of Professor Stuart Marks

Professor Stuart Marks

Principal Instructor (New Zealand)

Stuart is the principal instructor for the myBJJ New Zealand Team. Stuart was the first myBJJ Jiu-Jitsu student to be promoted all the way from White to Black Belt under Head Instructor Mario Yokoyama. Currently, he holds the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt.

A passionate and technical instructor, Stuart often travels to Australia to keep up-to-date with the myBJJ curriculum and team news.

Stuart has actively competed in local, national and international events, and also manages our MMA fighters.

Stuart teaches both children and adults, from beginners through to advanced, and has given seminars for other gyms in the South Island of New Zealand.

Portrait of Professor Philip Lindsay

Professor Philip Lindsay

Senior Instructor

Philip is the second Jiu-JItsu student to be promoted from all the way from White to Black Belt. He is a senior instructor in Dunedin and also New Zealand's Head Referee.

An experienced and successful MMA and BJJ competitior, he can usually be found leading his students by example at national and international competitions. Philip regularly travels to Australia to update his skills and knowledge under Professor Mario Yokoyama.

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