Dunedin's Facilities

Our Dunedin training centre is modern and well-equipped, with plenty of mat space for training. There is always plenty of seating for family and spectators.

Parking & Bus Routes

There's always plenty of street parking available around our gym. For those travelling by bus, our training centre is only a few blocks away from South Dunedin's main business area. Several buses routes go past Cargill's Corner or to Andy Bay so it's possible to get to our venue on a single bus ride all the way from the university or North Dunedin! Check out the Dunedin's bus timetable. New students usually find it is possible to get a ride with someone once they get to know other students.

MMA Half-Cage

We have a half-cage for students to practise their MMA training against, complete with suspended punching bags for kicking and striking. The area also has additional mat space which students can use for warming up while they wait for their class to start.


Our facility is already warm in winter but for those super chilly winter nights we a heatpump to take the chill off the room!

Weights Room

Our training centre has its own weights room which is available on request for our students!

Wall Mirrors

Students wanting to observe their form while practising takedowns and stand-up can make use of our mirrors.

Toilets & Changing Areas

We have separate areas for men and women to change in.

The training centre has plenty of seating for spectators and parents.

Sales Area

We keep a limited range of items for sale to our students. Stock varies but usually includes official myBJJ uniforms, rashies, T-shirts, hoodies, myBJJ gi patches, and car stickers.

Kitchen Facilities

Our training centre has a kitchen, available for use by prior arrangement.

Close to Stores

There's a supermarket just two blocks down the road. Opposite that is Nichol's Garden World Cafe. And around the corner from those are several popular fastfood outlets, including Subway, McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, and Wendy's.

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